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AWARD 2020

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2020/11/19 02:40:57

Lean Health Award III edition: The Award dedicated to the best reorganisation projects in the Healthcare and Lifescience world.

Public and private healthcare companies, belonging to the fields of pharma e medical device, can partecipate in the competition. One of the innovative highlights at this edition is that projects can apply for two categories: projects that have been organized previously (Lean Proiects) and ideas already under way (Lean Ideas).

The award will include two main moments: the selection of finalists, entrusted to a technical committee, and the final prize giving. The finalists, divided into two categories Lean Projects and Lean Ideas, will be announced on October. Later, on 19 th November, during the final day of the Lean Health Award, they will present their projects in front of a Scientific Jury.



19 Novembre 2020



Scientific Jury will assign the following awards:

Lean Projects Category

Lean Healthcare and Lifescience Award 2020 Winner

3 special awards: Most innovative project, Best result achieved, Most complex organization

Lean Ideas Category

Best project idea



A new special category, out of the competition, is introduced for the first time. This special category is aimed at “Value Based Healthcare” projects. The best project of this category will be awarded during the Florence Forum on Health and presented during the final day in Rome.



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